My wife, Laura, brought home Young Living oils in 2006 when she began looking for a healthier way to live after the birth of our first child.  Because just a few months earlier she left a high-pressure corporate career to be a stay-at-home-mom, she had no intention to build a business. Yet she began sharing her experiences from the life-changing benefits of Young Living essential oils with our family and friends. When they received the same life-changing benefits they asked Laura to help them share, and a business was born.

During this time, I was on the sidelines. Literally, I was a high school Algebra teacher and head basketball coach.  From a young age, I loved sports and mentoring young men to their greater purposes. So, I saw Young Living not as a business opportunity, but a social outlet for Laura as she connected with so many other like-minded women. However, I could not deny the benefits that Laura and our daughter were experiencing and decided to try a few snake oils as well.

Let’s just say that I will never go without Young Living’s Idaho Blue Spruce.

After having my own life-changing experience, I soon recognized Laura’s Young Living essential oils as “our” essential oils, and I also saw Laura’s Young Living business as “our” Young Living business.  It’s been five years since I taught my first class, and four years since I resigned from my teaching and coaching positions.

In 2015, I dropped 50 pounds using YL products, exercise, and changing my nutritional mindset. This caused a shift … my passion to be healthier expanded to empowering other men to realize their full potential through bettering their health and wellness.  Since then I’ve taught countless “Men’s Health” classes, spoke at break-out sessions at Young Living’s Grand Convention, and spoke at several Young Living regional events. Working with Gary Young during construction of the Northern Lights Farm in British Columbia, leading a team of men during winter harvest at the Highland Flats Farm in Idaho, teaming with the Young Living Foundation in Ecuador and Nepal, and visiting farms on four different continents has given me unique insights that I’m excited to share.

As much as my journey to health and wellness has been a shift from my previous norm, so too has my journey to working side-by-side with Laura on a full-time basis.  As a Proverbs 31 woman, she is the brains of the operation, and I am her partner.  My goal is to continually find new and better ways to empower her and grow our business, which includes attracting and engaging more men in the business with us.  It is my hope, that through Man Scents, I can use my experience to help empower other men to join this Young Living journey whether on his own or with his spouse.

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